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How to Deal With Haters

It never used to be much of a problem but in the past few years, so many of us have gone online and put much of our personal lives ‘out there’ via various social media sites. This immediately introduces the issue of polarization because, no matter what you say or do, somebody will either disagree or hate you for it.

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Back Your Sh#t Up

Is your data important to you? I’m talking about: Work documents Project files Financial details Family photos You know the stuff. I bet you would be devastated to lose it. I bet you don’t back it up either. Only today I received a note from a freelancer I use saying that she had lost a […]


How to Create an Online Course – FREE

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Making money online is great fun, but there are a few problems such as: Creating a website to promote it Delivering the content Collecting payments securely Sorting out refunds Marketing your course Collecting reviews and testimonials Well a new generation of websites solve these problems for you. One such site is Udemy.com. Udemy allows you […]