Back Your Sh#t Up

Is your data important to you? I’m talking about: Work documents Project files Financial details Family photos You know the stuff. I bet you would be devastated to lose it. I bet you don’t back it up either. Only today I received a note from a freelancer I use saying that she had lost a […]

Think BEFORE You Post

The bigger a company becomes the more scope there is for somebody to make a mistake or piss customers off. This is why it is vital to build an E-myth style business and have systems and checks for everything. An IT support company I used to work for had a process for sending e-mails to […]

Before You Buy Anything

Did you know that the vast amount of buying decisions are based upon emotion? Did you know that most buying decisions are made on a snap judgement? Hey, I’ve been there myself. I’ve seen something and said to myself ‘I’ve got to have one’ and before I know it I’ve whipped out my credit card. […]

Can You Deliver?

I tend to hire a lot of freelancers. When I find a good one I will often stick with them for a long time but of course they sometimes get too busy, take a holiday or move on. One recurring theme I find in new hires is that to start with they are super keen […]

Coming First Can be Easy

As a business owner who outsources almost everything I have a somewhat unique perspective on what it takes to be the one who is chosen for a project. Much of the time you only need be the least worst of the bunch. You simply need to be the one who bothers to reply, who responds […]