How Can I Help?

I don’t have all the answers but I have managed to build two successful businesses through all their ups and downs. The first one was an IT consultancy which developed into a classroom training company which also ran online training. I franchised it and then sold it and built a second company focusing on publishing […]

Testing – Why Bother?

Successful internet marketers are obsessed about one thing – testing. I’ve tended to avoid it because I’m not a detail person, I tend to be big picture and follow my gut instinct. Take e-mail for example. I’ve never sent a newsletter or product launch on a Monday. Why? Because everyone is getting back to work […]

My Biggest Online Mistakes

I’ve done some very silly things in my life. Once, when I was in the police I was chasing a car theif on foot and I jumpted into a river to try to catch him! What on earth was I thinking? But I’ve also done some silly things online. They weren’t as dangerous as jumping […]