Spinning Plates

I’m trying to remember who it was who told us that we were only supposed to feel successful when we were spinning as many plates as possible. You know what I mean. Being a supermum or dad, making money, exercising, achieving, buying nice things, fixing the house up, climbing up the corporate ladder, building a […]

The Devil is Really in the Details

I’ve coached over three thousand people through their Cisco IT exams as well as countless friends and business colleages with various business and internet marketing issues. There are some core things which I see people doing which actually prevents their success. I can often point it out to them but they seem so compelled to […]

Just How Busy Are You?

I’ve been guilty of being busy for the sake of being busy. It usually takes a shock or hopefully reading a passage in ‘The 4-Hour Work Week’ for me to remember that the objective isn’t to pack as much as possible into every day. Everyone tells me how busy they are. It is like some […]

Can You Last One Day?

I lasted up to 245pm. I had set myself a goal not to check e-mail today and start a new routine of checking it Mon-Wed-Fri just once. There is no need to check it every day or worse still, multiple times per day. It simply comes down to work for works sake (WFWS) for me. […]