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help2I don’t have all the answers but I have managed to build two successful businesses through all their ups and downs.

The first one was an IT consultancy which developed into a classroom training company which also ran online training. I franchised it and then sold it and built a second company focusing on publishing and running online IT training courses.

I’ve built a strong online business offering e-books, video courses and membership sites using SEO, traditional marketing, social media and e-mail marketing. Rough figures are around 5000 members for my various websites over the years and the number of books I’ve sold run into many many thousands.

I’m not about to offer you some sort of coaching course but I did want to ask you to tell me what you need to know. Drop a comment below so I can create relevant blog posts. As I grow the site I will start teaching the ‘how to’ stuff but I’m not quite ready to do that yet.

So, don’t be shy. Drop a comment below.

Have fun.

Paul Browning

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  • Mark Collings

    Hi Paul, Thanks for your e-mail today. I would be really interested to read a blog post from you on the following: We’ve heard from Tim Ferris in the 4HWW, and more recently in Copy This Idea by Andrew Reynolds, that creating and / or [re-]publishing information products (via eBook, video, audio, whatever medium) is the root to financial success. Whilst maybe 5-7 years ago when these individuals had their success I can understand, but today in the age of vast amounts of free information, I wonder whether this is still a viable model. Both authors for example quotes selling DVD based ‘how to’ products for a hundred or two hundred pounds each. But I don’t know a single person that has purchased such a product, or could I imagine the need to purchase such a product. Five or ten pound eBooks, or fifty pound eLearning packages from Groupon I could imagine, but a hundred plus pound product in DVD form I cannot believe. There are so many content providers using social media, YouTube, etc, giving high quality free content. So my question is: Is selling information products still viable today? Can selling information products lead to big profits? Thanks in anticipation. Mark

  • paulwbrowning

    Okay Mark



  • Courtney Taylor

    It sounds easy to start an internet based business, but what does it really take to be successful? Everyone acts as if the internet is a gold mine of opportunity, yet very few have those “get rich quick” results.

  • Cory J.

    Are you happy with your success today? Does it enable you to do the things you love?

  • paulwbrowning

    I’d say yes so far.



  • paulwbrowning

    Like anything,

    it takes a plan and hard work.



  • Nina M.

    I am interested in how you decided to start your first IT company. Have you received feedback from your clients, when working as an IT consultant, and then carried out an analysis of their needs?

  • Jacob Waters

    How important is to improve your skills? Throughout career, I regularly participated in courses to further develop my competences and to gain insight into my professional work and practice, with a view to improvement.

    Each day I come to my work as a learner: I am constantly seeking out new methods and ways of functioning to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Jay Pierce

    You have already helped me with your “don’t give up” attitude. That is the crucial thing in life, as well as in the business!

  • Paul L.

    Could you write an advice or two about “downs” in your career? How did you manage to survive it? Did you come out stronger of it?

  • Jenny J.

    Same here, I’m also interested about your “downs” Paul, if there are any experiences that you can share. Overcoming failure is a hard thing to do, isn’t it? 🙁

  • Ria Lopez

    Please, when you start the “how to section”, be as much specific as possible. I really like your articles and I hope you will write more advices like this. Peace… 🙂

  • Robert Pynnes

    I think many will be inspired by Paul’s story. Let’s hope for the best. 🙂

  • Gary France

    Please give us your insights on how to fight your weakness. How do you acknowledge and improve it?

  • Liana Cruz

    Yes, I think it would be really helpful if you share that with us, Paul. How did you help yourself overcome your weakness?

  • Marian Solis

    I am curious on how you started in the online industry. What were the things you needed to focus on when you were on your first few months?

  • Jamie Brown

    How about sharing to us some of your biggest disappointments in the first year of your career and how you were able to overcome them?