Free Money – From Amazon

The best sort of money is the sort you are given for free. I’m not the most academic of people but a valuable lesson I learned early on in business is that many of the best opportunities are right there under our noses. The problem is that we are so busy looking ‘out there’ trying […]

If Your Life Sucks – Here’s Why

I sometimes catch myself complaining or feeling sorry for myself and then I remember that I’m not terminally ill and neither are my kids. Life is difficult and the more stuff you try and experiences you have, the more crap you will have to deal with. Let’s take a step back and for a few […]

How to Deal With Haters

It never used to be much of a problem but in the past few years, so many of us have gone online and put much of our personal lives ‘out there’ via various social media sites. This immediately introduces the issue of polarization because, no matter what you say or do, somebody will either disagree […]

God – I Love My Job

Well, is it a job if you work for yourself from home? Maybe it is but it probably won’t feel like it. Hey, I don’t have the guaranteed paycheck, medical, pension and all the other stuff which goes with a job but looking at many friends who have a job, they don’t know if their […]

Take a Break

Or did you forget why you started an online business in the first place? When I started my first company I didn’t have a day off apart from Christmas day for three years. Partly because I was desperately trying to make money to keep going but partly because I felt guilty at the very idea […]