Every month I share how much I’ve made online and how. Take what works for you and discard the rest.

Big Stuff

I’ve spent pretty much the entire month writing another IT book. It is a variation of a previous Cisco CCNA manual but this time I broke it down into 60 daily tasks and then you take the exam. I saw this gap in the market due to customer feedback and I didn’t think it would be too much work.

I also did this because I’m estimating that this will generate an ongoing income of around $2700 per month on Amazon Kindle and when the printed version is released around $1000. An estimate as I say but my themes at the moment are leveraging what you already have and maximising each product.

For this reason the above product will win a few times over.

  1. Current members of my www.in60days.net site will probably buy it.
  2. People on Amazon will buy the book.
  3. People on Amazon will buy the book AND then join the site.


Writing the new CCNA book. This is done and it has gone off to the proof reader and designer to add the figs.

Network Security Book – Should be done in June.
Networking Basics Book – Writer has let me down (fourth in a row).
Network Design Book – In progress. Should be done in June.
Cisco Security Book – Starting in June (possibly).

HowToNetwork.net – Not actively added anything for a while. I plan to launch a new site to compete with my own site this year. The membership software I run this on is out-of-date and very limited now and I am stuck with it. Same as last month basically.

In60Days.net – Did a bigger push on this, this month and the income almost doubled as a result. Using the leverage principle I included my howtonetwork.net list since most of them are not on my site or left it.

aPomInPerth.com – Not really bothered with this. It will either turn into one of the good ideas I had but didn’t have time to work on or I will add some useful content for people emigrating and then leave it to sit.

WhatsInPerth.com – I have shelved this for the moment.

PaulBrowning.com – Looking at some of the top internet marketers again, I think I need to change the layout and feel of this site. Slightly outdated and clunky (due to the Thesis theme) it sits on.

Udemy.com – I want to create some more products for this site. I’m wondering if I should create a free one to generate traffic to this site or create a master internet marketing course but host myself or on Udemy banking that they will market it heavily if it generates interest.

I have a list of Kindle books I’m in the process of writing starting with the Small Business Marketing Bible. This is based upon a large number of articles I’ve already written for another site which I didn’t really launch. Same for a copywriting book, sales and SEO.

Show Me the Money

  • HowToNetwork.net
  • Member Income – $18574
  • Product Sales – $1678
  • $20252
  • Last Month $20788
  • In60Days.net
  • This Month – $3904
  • Last Month – $2010
  • Cisco Home Study Reseller
  • $745
  • Last Month $375
  • Amazon Kindle Sales
  • $3870
  • Last Month$3630
  • Udemy
  • $91.35
  • Last Month $23.45
  • Printed Book Sales
  • $797
  • Last Month $1524
  • Mini-membership Sites
  • $297
  • Last Month $297

Grand Total for April 2012 – $29,956

Grand Total for March 2012 – $28,654

What I’ve Learned

Leverage what you already have. Invest time in products and sites which will pay you predictable income long term. Take time to relax and rest in between projects.

See you next month.