Every month I share how much I’ve made online and how. Take what works for you and discard the rest.

Big Stuff

I’ve actually done no work in March 2012 apart from checking e-mails. Reason is I’ve emigrated to Perth (in Australia not Scotland). A dream I’ve had for a few years since coming for a holiday in 2007 and back to get married in 2008. My PA has been looking after my orders and customer questions. I have a guy who answers the questions on my www.howtonetwork.net forum for me.


I’ve not worked so not much to report. Here are my open projects internet income wise.

For a few months I’ve had a few freelance writers working on books for me. All IT related so forgive me if they don’t mean much to you but they are there to grow my IT membership site as well as add to my growing library of Kindle books. Here is what I’m working on and getting done for me at the moment.

Network Security Book – Will add to howtonetwork.net and Kindle when done.
Networking Basics Book – Same as above.
Network Design Book – As above again.

Cisco CCNA in 60 Days – Writing this myself. Should be done by end May 2012. Kindle and printed.

HowToNetwork.net – Not actively added anything for a while. I plan to launch a new site to compete with my own site this year. The membership software I run this on is out-of-date and very limited now and I am stuck with it.

In60Days.net – I re-launch this on the 1st of every month. I close it after about 3 days. It is hitting around $2,000 per month but I really want to grow this with social media and the new CCNA book I’m writing.

aPomInPerth.com – Not sure where I’m going with this yet. It is new and I started it on a whim. With 3 young children it is a bit harder to get round all the places I want to visit and review.

WhatsInPerth.com – A listings site for all Perth businesses. Not sure if I’m going to stick with the freelancer who is adding all the listings. He was found via Elance.com and is in the Phillipies. I think I may need a bigger team to add all the categories.

PaulBrowning.com – I started this site as a business tips blog but it was falling flat on it’s face. Too vanilla and no hook. I saw Pat Flynns a while ago and I’d used Thesis but couldn’t get on with it. Got a freelance to sort it out. Not I’m focused on using this to teach what I know and show what I’m doing. No secrets.

Show Me the Money

  • HowToNetwork.net
  • Member Income – $19436
  • Product Sales – $1352
  • Total $20788
  • In60Days.net
  • $2010
  • Cisco Home Study Reseller
  • $382
  • Amazon Kindle Sales
  • $3630
  • Udemy
  • $23.45
  • Printed Book Sales
  • $1524
  • Mini-membership Sites
  • $297

Grand Total for March 2012 – $28,654

What I’ve Learned

Udemy was a nice launch for me and made over $1600 in Feb but then when they moved on to promote another product, sales too a big hit. I’m going to look at what their big selling ticket items are doing and see if I can spot a pattern in there. It will help me if I decide to use Udemy to release another product.

I’ve known this all along but almost every freelance writer I’ve hired starts off well and then quits. Best case they start off well and then realise that it was more work than they realised. They saw the money but they don’t get that until they have finished or at least they only get paid per chapter.

I’ll cover some of the let downs and lessons another time. Once you start generating money online you should use it to:

  1. Educate yourself
  2. Invest in others to help with admin
  3. Get others to create content for you

That way you can roll up the snowball.

I’ve also learned not to jump into action every time I think of a new idea (such as whatsinPerth.com). I love creating and starting things but often get half way into the project and wonder why I started it! Whoops.

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