I’m Real!

I’m a full time internet marketer which basically means I spent a few hours a day or less sitting on my fat arse (butt for American readers) creating products to sell on the web. I can’t do any programming and I’m not associated with any of the big name web gurus.

Taking a break from work.

I lived in the UK for 40 years before emigrating to Australia which had been my dream for a few years. I live in Perth with my wife and three daughters (I’m surrounded by women).

My Life

1988 – Left school with some poor grades and joined the police force. Spent 12 years fighting crime and had a lot of experiences both exciting and traumatic. It’s all in my book The Good Guys Wear Blue.

2000 – Left the police for a glorious career in IT. Ended up broke and working on a helpdesk being shouted out by morons who couldn’t find the spell checker on Word and blaming me.

2002 – Working for Cisco systems doing network support but then made redundant. Frightened and still broke I start my own IT training company. I’m the first to offer intensive weekend based bootcamp style training. I teach using my own set of notes which I get printed and stapled together and give out to students as a notebook.

2004 – Company doing pretty well. I realise that my good friend who designed my website knows nothing about SEO as I can’t be found on Google. I read an e-book on SEO and get my site to #1 on page 1 of Google and it stays there for several years. I start to look at creating products to sell on my website and find Cory Rudl (RIP) who teaches web marketing via a home study pack.

2005 – I’m selling a home study kit teaching Cisco certs for $700 a piece. I sell a few each month. I create a one page sales site called Subnetting-Secrets.com teaching some IT skills. It makes over $26,000 in 3 years.

2006 – My company starts to struggle when my model is copied by another five people who sell the same course for peanuts. I have to work hard and adapt to stay afloat. I decide to franchise my training model and sell licenses to six former students for $25,000 each. Nice.

I start another company to focus on online revenue only. E-books and also a new idea I’ve heard of, membership sites. I find a membership site product called Membergate and pay a friend to convert all my notes to the site. It is $9.97 per month to join and makes $1000 per month when I launch it.

2008 – I sell my IT training company to a friend and take 6 months off work to spent time with my new born baby daughter. I then focus on online income by creating more content for my membership site. I also work on creating e-books and video training websites teaching various IT subjects and job skills for IT people. I see the online income growing from $1000 to over $10,000 per month.

2009 – I attend a couple of membership site boot camps in Boston, USA. I look at what some other successful online marketers are doing. I am hiring lots of programmers and writers via Elance.com and Guru.com. All profits from my sites I put back into growing them more and more.  I’m hitting over $15,000 per month.

Get quality time with your family.

2010 – Spend too much time on other projects which go nowhere. Launch a web marketing training site which fails miserably. I see another guy doing the same thing but video based and he is killing it. I got my marketing wrong but I’ve got loads of content I can reuse.

2011 – Get all my Cisco books I’ve had written converted into Kindle format. Monthly income quicky goes from $500 to over $3000. I can see new sites appearing such as Appsumo and Udemy where you create the content and they market it for you. I release my Million Dollar Company videos on there. It was a marketing weekend I ran for friends and got recorded.

I’m  hitting around $30,000 per month via membership sites and Kindle along with some other smaller products and ideas.

2012 – My dream to move to Australia comes true. After three years of paperwork and exams my family all emigrate to Perth. I take around 2 months off work to settle in. I look around on the web and am shocked at how many ‘I was broke but now I’m an internet millionaire now and I can teach you how to do it in a week’ gurus there are out there. Do people really believe this crap?

2013 – I spend around 9 months and around $150,000 creating www.howtonetwork.com which is an upgrade to www.howtonetwork.net. It’s been created to address the market need for mobile friendly streaming videos. I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard.

The hard work pays off. Unlike having a job.

2014 – Spending more time playing the guitar, enjoying my kids and hiring freelancers. It’s important not to get lost in work for works sake. I’m still growing my sites but spending more time educating myself on changes in social media and online marketing methods.

I love learning new stuff about online marketing and I love making a difference in other peoples lives. I also love the freedom learning about internet marketing has given me and my family.

My Websites

Below are my main websites. I also generate income from Udemy and Amazon books, both printed and Kindle.

www.howtonetwork.com – IT membership website teaching students how to pass exams.

www.in60days.com – This website supports an Amazon book I sell.

www.in60days.net – This is a classic sales funnel which leads to a membership website

There are at least 30 others but I’ve made the mistake in the past of spinning too many plates so now I focus on the income producing sites.

The Truth

What I’ve learned in 10 years of doing business online.

  • Most self proclamed web gurus are lying bastards. They will bleed you dry and then pass your  name onto one of the colleagues so they can do the same.

    You can live anywhere when you work online.
    You can live anywhere when you work online.
  • Most people are looking for the next big idea on the web, the secret to online success or the fast track to online riches. Good luck. You need a goal, a plan and hard work to make it online.
  • Start now. Don’t wait till you have a big idea or for somebody else to show you the way. Grab wordpress, a free wordpress theme and create an e-book or video and sell it with a Paypal link.
  • Have fun. Build it alongside your full time job. Invest your profits in learning more and creating more. Roll up the snowball and don’t waste your money on holidays, cars or other junk. Soon enough you should be financially free. Just enjoy the process.

Drop me a line. If I can help you I will.

Paul Browning

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  1. James Hocutt
    June 12, 2012

    Hi Paul ~
    Pleasure to virtually meet you.
    Couple of things…
    1] missed your Udemy promo at $48. If you could extend that to me at least again in some for or fashion (e.g. promo code) I’d enjoy exploring your work.
    2] wondered if you’d be up for some tightly focused mentoring… someone I could ping via email and/or the 10min occasional skype with very focused questions that come up along such journeys.
    Appreciate one, the other or both :¬]
    Thks ~
    ~ James

  2. Stan Carvell
    June 30, 2012

    Hi Paul,
    just read your book and decided to google you and came up with this page. I was on A Unit at M1 during the early 90’s …. but only for a few months thank God! It brought back many memories ….. Scary times!
    Loved the book and managed to fathom out most of the characters by their pseudonoms! Good luck in Perth, been there twice and loved it…….. Stan Carvell

  3. paulwbrowning
    July 6, 2012

    Cheers Stan

    we both escaped A Unit!


  4. paulwbrowning
    July 6, 2012

    Hi James,

    you can post any questions on the Udemy product page sure. I think the code is howtonetwork




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