My Online Income Diary

Okay, I got this idea from the very nice Pat Flynn. I always wanted to teach a bit of web marketing but most of the people out there doing it are somewhat evil to say the least.

So I got started in web marketing in 2002. Nothing more than trying to promote my IT training company. This developed into selling a home study Cisco kit then one page sales sites selling e-books, videos and it’s grown from there. I don’t do any programming and use mainly WordPress, membership software, Camtasia and a few other bits and bobs.

Monthly Returns

Every month I will tell you how much I’ve made. I do hire a lot of freelancers so I will show my outgoings also. A few things I want to say:

1. Web marketing is a long term strategy. I don’t know of any way to make a fast buck on the web.

2. I’m not a keyword junkie. I dont’ monitor specific keywords per site very much. I focus on a niche and then create valuable content which will help that niche achieve their goal.

3. Much of what I do doesn’t work but I learn from my mistakes and get better.

4. I run all of this via a UK limited company which you can check out via Companies House.

I make my money mainly from:

Work Vs Rest

I work on the internet because it gives me the lifestyle I like. Sometimes I work really hard for weeks on end and sometimes I take two months off. The average would be maybe four hours per day work. The rest of the time I relax or spent time with my wife and children. I’ve done the rat race for too long and now consider myself unemployable.

I’ll be updating this page in July 2014.

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