Hi from Paul Browning

First and foremost, thanks for visiting this site. I’m not sure what you were looking for but you’ve found the right place. This is what I teach people like YOU to do:

  • Create information products
  • Develop passive – internet based income streams
  • Put systems into their businesses to free their time
  • Set goals and take the right sort of steps to achieve them
  • Sack their boss and do what they want

I live in a village to the north of a Milton Keynes which if you don’t know already, is in the UK. I live with my wife Donna, two year old daughter and twin baby girls so yes, three women in the house!

I worked as a police officer in the UK for 12 years. It had been my dream job since I was a little boy but after so long, the politics, paperwork and lack of opportunity began to wear me down.

I had an interest in computers so studied hard, passed some exams and got a job working on a helpdesk for Yellow Pages. I enjoyed it for about four weeks and then got very bored. I passed more exams and got a job with Cisco systems but they made us all redundant in 2002.

I started teaching Cisco training courses and working as an IT consultant which I did for six years. During that six years I learned a lot about sales, marketing and especially internet marketing. I became very passionate about internet based businesses because they were so easy to build and cheap to test.

I developed several products helping people pass their Cisco exams and then went onto build more sites and products teaching others to do what I do which is work from home and make a very good living on the internet. My wife gets to be a full time mum and I get lots of free time for training, family and fun.

What’s in it for You?

I don’t claim to be a self help guru, I don’t have any seminars to sell you and I can?t promise results for no effort. What I can promise is that if you follow my advice you will have more time than you did at the outset and perhaps some extra money. If that is all you take away from this site then you can’t really complain can you?

I only offer advice about the things I’ve done myself and gotten good at.They include:

  • Starting companies (and selling one of them)
  • Freeing my time up by hiring freelancers and outsourcing work
  • Setting up recurring revenue websites
  • Creating information and other products which sell on the web
  • Selling out seminars time and time again

and lot’s of other stuff which I won’t bore you with.

If you like the sound of doing any of the above then please join my tip of the week (below) and please do add your comments to any posts you like. Drop me a line via the contact page if you need anything.

All the best.

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