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Site design costs

Q. How do I get my website designed. I’ve been quoted $900 for one?

Paul says:

Professional web designers in the UK and USA have higher living costs than say India or Eastern Europe so for these reasons they cost more. Your options are:

  • Use Elance or such sites and get outsource quotes
  • Do it yourself with WordPress or other self creation tools

You don’t say if it is a simple site or requires back end databases or programming. I have used web designers from all over the world and also created my own with easy-to-use tools. Take a look at both of the above options and choose the right one for your project.

Product Creation

Q. I want to create my own products but can’t think what to do or where to start.

Paul says:

Write down a few lists including:

  • Exams you have passed
  • Problems you have solved
  • Easy ways to do things you have discovered
  • Job or other skills you have

You can then work out ideas for e-books, DVDs or websites where you can charge people to learn what you learned. Focus on solving problems for people and then target a niche so you can find ways to contact the niche. I cover all of this in detail in the product creation pages at

Quitting Work

A. At what point can I quit my job and live off the internet?

Paul says:

I don’t know your circumstances or outgoings. Work out what you need to live on each month. Focus on reducing your outgoings and clear any debts if possible. I would grow your internet income whilst still working full time and then get down to part time as soon as possible.

The best book I’ve ever read on getting out of a job is the 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris.

Set yourself some goals with ?time scales and write out a plan. Forget TV and other wasteful activities and work hard and you will achieve your goals.

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