I use the same tools over and over again to build income generating websites.

I am not a technial person, I can’t really do any coding and you don’t need to in order to build a successful website. You just need to learn how to use the tools and hire freelancers for the stuff you can’t learn or don’t want to.

Optimize Press

This is used by thousands of internet marketers. It can create membership sites, launch funnels and squeeze pages which you use to capture e-mail addresses before sending the customer onto your free videos which of course then lead to your paid programs or products.

Highly recommended.


I’ve wasted so much time and money with substandard hosting, rip off charges and poor support. Hostgator offer the best service at the best price. They have lots of support available 24/7 and are usually very helpful. The best part is that you can manage your entire site with a cool feature called cpanel which means that non-technical people (like me) can easily install cool applications such as WordPress by clikcing on a few buttons.

Give them a test drive.


In case you are new to web marketing, WordPress is a CMS or content management system. It is a framework which lets you upload website designs, add plugins such as social media like buttons and contact forms. It all runs off an easy-to-use menu and there are loads of free how-to tutorials on the web and YouTube.

You can use WordPress to create simple pages or fully functional membership sites using Themes. Themes are the designs applied to your website. You can get freebies or pay around $20-50 for a professional one (like I use here).

WordPress Themes

So many designs to choose from. I personally use WooThemes.com but I’ve also used StudioPress and ElegantThemes. Check them all out for yourself. They all have free themes for you to test out first. Each has their own benefits and drawbacks.


One of the best video creation tools out there and it has just been updated to version 8 which takes into into the full video editing standard going against Sony Vegas and Adobe.

I’ve used Camtasia to create pretty much all of my videos which I then stream via Amazon S3. I highly recommend you try it out for yourself with a 30 day trial.

With a hosting account from HostGator, Aweber, Optimize Press and WordPress you can easily make tens of thousands of dollars per month. The best thing is that you can use these products for multiple sites but pay only once for the license to use them. Here is my Camtasia 8 Training course.

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