As far as creating a fantastic income on the site, nothing beats the internet.

  • Do it in your spare time
  • Zero risk of going bust if it fails
  • Create websites for free or nearly free
  • Build lists of people who like to buy what you sell
  • Get unlimited ‘how to’ training on the web
  • Automate the entire process via autoresponders and protected websites
  • Tools allow non-programmers to create cool looking websites
  • I could go on all day here…

Check out the pages under this one for some of the stuff I’ve created in the past few years. My first e-book I didn’t even write, I paid $7 for the resale rights and it made me over $8,000! My second e-book I did write. It took maybe two weeks and I added some videos. Subnetting Secrets has made roughly $45,000 and now sells as a Kindle book.

See what I mean?

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