Since 2002 I’ve launched around 15 different websites, everything from selling guitars to learning street magic. I could post some images of what they looked like, but you would surely laugh. Back then, everything was hand-coded in HTML or, even worse, using coding software such as Microsoft FrontPage or Dreamweaver.

Currently, I have a few side projects, but my two main ones are both membership websites. I focus here because the gold standard of online income is recurring revenue, and the easiest way to achieve this is through a membership site.

howtonetwork.comMy first IT training website was actually, but it ran on a special server that is no longer supported by hosting companies. I changed it to, and it runs off MemberPress for the membership management and WP Courseware for the course management.

Since I launched the site, over 25,000 people have joined. It was all done by me to start, but over the years, I’ve hired many freelance experts to create the courses.

I generally log in every day to check for forum posts and any helpdesk tickets. It’s barely 10 minutes of work daily, but, of course, it took considerable effort to start up. You can choose to do it all yourself, of course, or reinvest your profits into hiring freelancers to create whatever you need.

101labs.net101 Labs was just an idea I had when I was working out how to create another niche website.

I walk you through the process in my Click and Grow Rich book, but you basically zoom into a niche and determine which of their problems you can solve.

For IT, students they can learn the theory anywhere but learning how to configure all the services, tools, and hardware can prove to be a challenge. They are tested on how to do this in certification exams as well as during technical job interviews.

I created the website, and each course has a matching book on Amazon.

I teach you how to do everything I’ve done here on this website in the blog posts and courses.