I make a living online through products and informational websites. They are all about solving problems for people. If you can learn to solve problems through e-books, DVDs or membership sites then you are going to be successful.

Here are a few of the products I offer.

Million Dollar Company – everything I learned while growing my first company which I sold in November 2008. It teaches you how to build systems, delegate, develop a powerful sales message, develop your niche and contact your niche.

It also teaches how to write powerful sales copy.

Click on the image to visit the Million Dollar site.

The Good Guys Wear Blue – I self published this book. It is about the 12 years I served in the West Midlands Police as a constable, detective and sergeant.

The book has been described as graphic, gritty and uplifting. It was featured on ITV and BBC news and also sells via Amazon.

While writing this book I learned a tremendous amount about self publishing and producing books as well as PR.

Visit the Good Guys Wear Blue site.

Internet-rich.com – Everything I have learned about internet marketing since I started back in 2002.

I cover creating products including e-books, DVDs, Books and more. Creating compelling websites, how to take money online, how to write great copy which converts to sales, building your newsletter and much more.

There is a friendly forum where I and other experts answer your questions. The site includes everything I’ve learned from spending over $20,000 on seminars, books and home study kits provided by other internet marketing experts.

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