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Some of these I designed myself but I’m not really a web designer. I prefer either to pay to have them done for me or if they are simple, I can create one using web design software or even better WordPress plus a theme (just like this site was created with).

In no particular order of importance. – does what it says on the tin. Teaches you how to build a  company which pays you month after month.

It teaches:

Delegation – Finding your niche – Creating systems – Reaching customers – Your marketing message and how to write great copy. – a membership site helping people to pass their Cisco networking exams. I built this site in my spare time and learned a lot about internet marketing in the process.

I even flew to Boston twice to learn from membership site gurus on how to create winning websites. Was it worth it? You betcha.

This site has helped many people to pass their exams and live a better life. – my latest membership site. This sites teaches people everything I have learned about marketing, sales, internet marketing and communication since 2002. I feel very passionate about this site and how many people are going to benefit from it.

Please check it out if you have a few spare moments. There is a free newsletter on it as well as an e-book showing you how I turned $7 into over $5000 online. – my first non-IT self published book. All about my adventures in the police in the UK both good and bad. I managed to get publicity on national news programs as well as book signings in some large stores.

I don’t recommend self publishing if your primary aim is making money but it was fun and I learned a lot.?I cover how to get a book written and published in the above site – my first attempt at marketing an e-book online. It is two chapters from my Cisco study manual but more generic so suitable for any IT student. It started as a one page sales site and then I expanded it into a multiple page site.

Sold well over $24,000 so far and still going strong. It is stuff like this which proves that the internet is a very powerful medium for selling. – I read so many books I decided to post reviews and summaries of my favourite ones. I actually get books sent to me free now to review which is cool.

I’ve neglected this site a bit while growing others but it is a great example of how you can hire others to design and build a site for you which looks great.








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