Welcome to the exciting and confusing world of internet marketing. [this page is new and being updated at the moment]

Here you can find various lunatics, gurus, liars, thieves and amazing people. I hope to help you sift through some of the nonsense and also point you in the right direction. The truth is that there are hundreds of ways to make money on the web. The mistake I see most people make time and time again is to wait for a guru to show the the way forward.

I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars of my own money and many years working out how to make a living online. I’ve also wasted a lot of time and money on the guru programs. I’m sure you’ve seen the launch model featuring free webinars or videos with testimonials from ‘my good friend [insert guru name here].’

Here are the most common ways to generate an income online.

  • E-books – including Kindle, iBooks, PDFs
  • Affiliate marketing – promoting other peoples stuff on your blog
  • Coaching – selling your expertise via your site
  • Membership sites – providing valuable info to your niche for a monthly fee
  • Products – the list is endless. Selling physical products or streaming videos to software
  • iPhone apps – you don’t even need a site for this (or Android apps)